Bunneh (story pitch)

Hamster Pitch by Lydia.
The first pitch is about 2 hamsters that plan on escaping a deep garbage hole. Their latest plan is to create a rocket from the trash to fly them out but suddenly one of the rockets went awry while one of them is snagged to it.

Chicken Pitch by Nicholas.
The second pitch is about a chicken who wants to fly but his attempts are ridiculed by the other birds. One day while he was being laughed at by 2 pigeons a sudden rainfall hinders those pigeons from flying to rescue their baby pigeons from their failing nest.

Rabbit Pitch by Jared.
The third pitch is about a clumsy lazy rabbit worker who got called on by his boss to do some material scavenging for the rabbit colony. But his clumsiness placed him in danger when it brought attention to the denizens outside.

Storyboard Collage by various people.
Eventually we settled on the third pitch. The above is a collage of weeks worth of changing and 5 different storyboards.

Pudu Kamudu

pudu kamudu

It’s about the world’s smallest deer, a South American Chillian Pudu. Not to be confused with the district in KL. This tenacious little deer has to traverse the forest on an adventure.

This was probably the first platforming game I made in Flash. A simple mario style mechanics with a bit of item collecting.

Play Pudu Kamudu