Mothers Day

Mothers day falls on the second Sunday of May but in Malaysia it is apparently celebrated a day before which is the 11th. Nevertheless, the card I have made was only completed on the 12th. My mom does not currently live with me so I attempted to make a digital card which replicates a physical card in that you can open and close it like a real card to send to her.

Mothersday 2013

At most it is just simply an emulation of a physical card. It does not revolutionize anything but it presents the audience with a different experience. On the web and a lot of webpages everything is laid out in a line, from top to bottom, and the audience merely ‘scrolls’ down to read the content. It is literally a linear experience.

A physical card however, or content laid out in that fashion, breaks apart the monotony by hiding some of the content. When the audience is presented with it they could not scan through to get a rough idea of the whole content. The hidden pieces peaks their curiosity and they have a slightly more desire to see though the rest of it. But before they do they have to initiate the action of opening the card. This easily fulfills the effort reward system in which a reward is perceived as slightly more valuable when a person makes an effort to achieve it. We as artists and creators strive to achieve what is called a want factor and simply giving a person a reward does not make the person want the reward any more than it’s default value.