Still working on games !

It’s just that I feel it needs to reach a certain degree of polish and presentability before I want to talk about it >w< But here's a summary of the games I'm working on. - Keera - The one from earlier this year, I'm still thinking of a proper setting and story behind it ! - Fray - Some may have seen the Fray prototype from last year. I'm thinking of bringing it back in another form. - Tavern - This is the most recent one I'm working on. It's a HTML PHP based game. What I'm hoping to achieve for this is where someone can go create a character and go on text-based adventures with other people and their characters. Sort of like those old school choose-your-own-adventure books, but with more people. Although at the moment for like a month's worth of work so far the total size of the files are just 149 kb, wow, that certainly is something to show for ! tavern_size