Donation Drive for the Philippines


Recently, the Philippines have been struck by a category 5 super typhoon named Haiyan or Yolanda locally and suffered devastating losses from the tropical cyclone. Being in Malaysia, it was very unnerving to know that a catastrophe of such magnitude happened so close to home, and yet it was as calm as any other day here. Nevertheless it is very tragic for the people there and in response I am holding a donation drive to help bring in some money to donate to the charities helping out the Philippines.

For the donation drive, I will be offering up a simple flat illustration of an animal or a character to those who donates towards the cause; either by passing over the donation to me which I will then pass over to UNICEF or to the Philippines Red Cross, or through another charity they’re more comfortable with a screenshot of their donation. All the proceeds I receive will be spread out among those charities and sent in waves to make it easier. This drive will continue for as long as the donation pages stay up however I can hold up. However much will be raised from this drive will certainly not be competitive to those raised by bigger companies or celebrities but the saying “every little helps” never rings truer.