Fix for initial stroke delays with Windows 8 and Wacom tablets


I recently plugged in my tablet on my windows box and noticed a weird quirk with the pen strokes when trying to draw sketches or produce illustrations with it. (Now this has been an old problem but never addressed in any official update or fix so just in case you’re still having troubles this could potentially help) So here’s the situation:
When click and dragging, there is a very noticeable delay at the start of the click.
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Donation Drive for the Philippines (end)


Everyone, we’re done ! The last wave have collected a total of 97 USD and has been sent over to Australia’s UNICEF to help the Philippines, and with that the donation drive is now done ! I was really taken back by the number of people willing to donate towards the cause !

wave 1 – 35 USD
wave 2 – 25 USD
wave 3 – 101 USD
wave 4 – 97 USD

All in all, we’ve raised a total of 258 USD for the Philippines for the whole drive ! I just want to say a super thank you to everyone who’ve donated for this drive really. It’s so heartwarming to see so many people chipping in for this. There’s still quite a number of you waiting for a little drawing and I hope you can bear with me until I get to each one of you, but hopefully not too long :3 I’ll be away mid-December and I hope to get everyone’s done before then !

Thank you again everyone, it was a pleasure meeting you guys and it was such a good donation run the past month :3