Donation Drive for the Philippines (end)


Everyone, we’re done ! The last wave have collected a total of 97 USD and has been sent over to Australia’s UNICEF to help the Philippines, and with that the donation drive is now done ! I was really taken back by the number of people willing to donate towards the cause !

wave 1 – 35 USD
wave 2 – 25 USD
wave 3 – 101 USD
wave 4 – 97 USD

All in all, we’ve raised a total of 258 USD for the Philippines for the whole drive ! I just want to say a super thank you to everyone who’ve donated for this drive really. It’s so heartwarming to see so many people chipping in for this. There’s still quite a number of you waiting for a little drawing and I hope you can bear with me until I get to each one of you, but hopefully not too long :3 I’ll be away mid-December and I hope to get everyone’s done before then !

Thank you again everyone, it was a pleasure meeting you guys and it was such a good donation run the past month :3