Thoughts On Artcorgi

So I read about this cute commissioning site a couple of days ago ( but have only just now took a look at it. It’s basically a place where people can “shop for an art style” as in you browse through a bunch of artists works and you can choose the style that you like and commission them. It’s a nice familiar concept, they hold on to the commission money until everything’s done so the commissioners know they’ll get the work and the artists know they’ll get paid.

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Commissions Are Now Open !

I’ve just finished dusting the last plastic potted plant, and with that I think I’ve gotten most of the chores settled. So gonna be opening commissions¬†~

I’m pretty excited about this ! I’ve actually unofficially opened it last year but this year there seems to be a renewed interest ! I hope to draw many pictures for you all and get to know everyone too in the process :3