Thoughts On Artcorgi

So I read about this cute commissioning site a couple of days ago ( but have only just now took a look at it. It’s basically a place where people can “shop for an art style” as in you browse through a bunch of artists works and you can choose the style that you like and commission them. It’s a nice familiar concept, they hold on to the commission money until everything’s done so the commissioners know they’ll get the work and the artists know they’ll get paid.

What’s interesting though is some of the different takes on the process. As a buyer you can feel a bit safer knowing that if the artist isn’t unavailable they can get a full refund, or 20% every late week. And as an artist, well, you can feel safe knowing you will get paid. They do however take a 20% off so the artist gets 80% of the price. Oh is everyone leaving ? No don’t go away yet ~ The good (or bad) thing is that they are the ones setting the price for you. So there’s a very good chance you’re not underpricing yourself. I took a quick browse and indeed all the prices are in a way very professionally priced. There’s also supposedly a panel of judges to check if the final piece is indeed to the standard of the artist and the buyers are not getting the short end of the stick. It is also supposedly the same panel that knows the industry pricing and are setting the price.

All in all, it is a valiant effort to show that artists don’t have to under price themselves and gives the average people a better estimate of how much a digital painting is worth.