Titan Panther

Quick and dirty making of Titan Panther

Advantage – Jump core and a strong melee attack
Disadvantage – Unable to wield any primary weapons

So I played Titanfall with a couple of friends (fellow pilot over here)
and I can say it’s a good solid game. The controls are tight and considering how much emphasis there is on the maneuverability of the pilots, there’s rarely an instance where the controls didn’t do what I want it to. The titans themselves are a pretty interesting concept too but I was curious to a 4th titan that would shake up the dynamic a bit.

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Aaah ! This took longer than I expected for like the tiniest game !

(est play through is just under a minute)

Apologies to everyone who’s waiting on me for something, but now that I’ve gotten this out of the way I’ll get back to commissions
`( >ω< )´
I wanna try to make small games like this maybe once a month, because I keep forgetting a lot of basic things if I don’t do them after a long time.
Also maybe if there’s a lot of interest, I’ll show some of the making of maybe ? It could be about the art or the code or the music. Progress will be posted on tumblr or something.