The Dead Mother Cliche: A Counter Argument

A few days ago, the Cartoon Brew made a post about one of the cliches of animation, the dead mother cliche to be exact, which brought me over to the original article by the Atlantic. To summarize, they made the observation that a large amount of children’s movies started off, or somewhere in the middle, killed off the mother of the protagonist (or a significant character who is also a mother). I do agree with this. There has been quite a lot of movies over the last few decades or even longer with the same plot point and I’m sure it has not gone unnoticed by many others too. But both of them in the end closed with the acknowledgement that it was an intentional decision with the intent of portraying mothers as less or no importance while glorifying fathers, and it is this statement which I have to strongly disagree with. It is true that writers could handle this better, but I’m here to argue that the mothers are just as important if not more than the fathers. And that is why they chose to kill them off.
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