In Defence of Greg in Over The Garden Wall

Just a little heads up, what comes next are spoilers so watch the series if you can. There’s only 10 episodes, 12 minutes each, beautifully illustrated, and a very wonderful story to suit.

So the premise of the series is about two brothers, Wirt and Gregory, who got lost and must find their way back home, and along the way they run into various weird creatures and surreal situations. The whole series is laden deep with metaphors on death and purgatory, possible references to Soren Kierkegaard about faith and fear, and complementary but conflicting characteristics of the two brothers regarding optimism and cynicism. These are all really good reads and I highly encourage everyone to look them up too, after you watch the series of course. But that’s not what I’m writing this about though. I’m here to talk about the younger brother Greg and the audiences feelings about him.
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