It’s done !

First off, apologies for the music, that took uncomfortably too long. Even though I learned a lot with music theory and such the end result probably doesn’t reflect the time it took. I’ve scrapped it at least 16 times and it may not sound “right” but at least it doesn’t sound “wrong”.

Besides that, why yes, it is that game some of you may remember from back in 2013 ! And yes it’s just part 1 because if I don’t break it into 3 I’ll probably never finish it ! It’s very short though so don’t worry, I’ve speedrun it in 6 minutes but I estimate it’ll be 20 mins on first try. Depending on how good you are at puzzle platformers though the last stage may be very easy or very hard (that probably didn’t help much, ahaha)



Ok, I’m going to have to call this one finished for now, I’ve been working on it a bit too long ! You may run into a few anomalies but it’s working for the most part. I haven’t thoroughly tested it but if you run into any glitches that looks significant pop me a comment about it :3


Aaah ! This took longer than I expected for like the tiniest game !
(est play through is just under a minute)

Apologies to everyone who’s waiting on me for something, but now that I’ve gotten this out of the way I’ll get back to commissions
`( >ω< )´
I wanna try to make small games like this maybe once a month, because I keep forgetting a lot of basic things if I don’t do them after a long time.
Also maybe if there’s a lot of interest, I’ll show some of the making of maybe ? It could be about the art or the code or the music. Progress will be posted on tumblr or something.

Fray (alpha)

fray alpha

I’ve been playing around with the Impactjs engine, which is a code to create HTML5 games and have been trying to make a small game out of it. But while working on the game, I have stumbled upon quite a significant limitation which potentially ruins the game.

In short the limitation is a cap in the number of keys can be pressed simultaneously on the keyboard. For a multiplayer game this can be a hindrance so I’m stopping this project early until a fix or a solution is available. But it is still playable to a certain extent.

Play Fray Alpha

Pudu Kamudu 2

pudu kamudu

I have recently discovered a nice HTML5 engine called Impactjs and this is a simple game I’ve made out of it.

Similar to the first Pudu Kamudu, it is a mario style platforming game with a bit of item collecting. But now there’s a bit of a goal which is Pudu has to traverse the jungle in order to attain the cheesecake. Also like the first game, this game is made as a practice to get familiar with the language.

Play Pudu Kamudu 2

Pudu Kamudu 2 is happily featured in:



Halfway while working on the game I realised I was doing the whole thing wrong. Most of the good flash games nowadays use a script library as a base for their mechanics and the code is not written directly in flash anymore. Plus I’m using actionscript2, a 6 year old language. Even relatively it is pretty old.

This game is somewhat complete but is buggy at best. Mostly because I use workarounds instead of real fixes. The stages are also pretty short, but it’s still open for extra stages if anyone else have any ideas they want to add.

So now I’m seeing if I can learn how to use flixel or flashpunk, then I’ll continue with the initial main idea for the game which is Almond Ravani.

Slight Update:
There was a bit of an internal debate as to how I should peruse making games in the future and I have made the decision to work with HTML5 instead of action script. The decision came mainly from the thought that action script has advanced years ahead of me and it will take a while to catch up while HTML5 is pretty new and should be easy to keep up to date.

On a note on the game Crate, there is a slightly updated version on Deviantart. A fix of a glitch where at stage 4 at the end when you got the crate hangar to fall it will disappear when you switch character.

Play Crate 1.03 on Deviantart