The Walk

A simple walk cycle study. Made with art pens and papers and compiled in Digicell.
Those must be really tight headphones.

The Walk was screened at TOASCA 2009 (The One Academy Student Creative Award) and was given a gold award for the 2D animation category.


Pet Adventure

pet adventure

After messing around with action script for a while, I wanted to make another game. This borrows heavily from Hero and Goblin in that it is still numerical values based like an RPG but now there are a bit of action elements and interactivity to it with the jobs utilising both the keyboard and the mouse.

Play Pet Adventure 1

Hero and Goblin

hero and goblin

This is actually more of a remake of the first game I’ve made. The first Hero and Goblin was actually a Python-coded text based game in which the player can rename both the hero and the goblin and the battle encounter is determined by naming the weapon in the hero’s backpack all the while random factors like success and failures of actions comes into play.

This remake is quite similar with the addition of graphics. It was a practice learning action script by cross translating from the Python code.

Play Hero and Goblin