In Defence of Greg in Over The Garden Wall

Just a little heads up, what comes next are spoilers so watch the series if you can. There’s only 10 episodes, 12 minutes each, beautifully illustrated, and a very wonderful story to suit.

So the premise of the series is about two brothers, Wirt and Gregory, who got lost and must find their way back home, and along the way they run into various weird creatures and surreal situations. The whole series is laden deep with metaphors on death and purgatory, possible references to Soren Kierkegaard about faith and fear, and complementary but conflicting characteristics of the two brothers regarding optimism and cynicism. These are all really good reads and I highly encourage everyone to look them up too, after you watch the series of course. But that’s not what I’m writing this about though. I’m here to talk about the younger brother Greg and the audiences feelings about him.
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Lawan (alpha)

Version 0.8 is up !

Made a lot of changes from 0.6. Some of them were a better background, 4 more characters to the roster, and some changes to the UI.

All 6 of them have different playstyles and I hope they’re kinda fun and balanced. But if there’re some parts that do feel unbalanced let me know and I’ll see if it can be changed. There is a bit of a difficulty curve though, I think Keera is still more the beginner character while Ruth leans more towards the harder play.

Also it took a many days but I’ve finally made it, you can now download it to your desktopples as a windows EXE or mac APP ! A feature that erm, nobody requested for, ahahaha x3

Probably nostalgia I guess, back in the early 2000’s me and my friends would sneak in small games on our USB thumbsticks to play on the school comps so this harks back to that. But eh, you can play the same thing online.

Ps, the filesize may seem big (about 90 mb ish) but it’s basically bundled with a hacked google chrome so you can, you know, play it without a web browser, ahaha. Also still to do: add sounds and music.

Lawan (early)

Ok so actually the past few days I got into a sort of game making groove and I’ve managed to iron out a lot of the code along with making the assets. And I think I can show this to you all ?

It’s basically a very simplified local 2 player fighting game with 2 buttons each where what matters is positioning and timing.

Still to do:
– add 2 more characters (roster of 4)
– add more bg scenes
– change UI a bit
– add a result indication after round
– possibly some sounds and music, eh

I might need some help later with the testing and character balancing when the rosters done.
Also you can soft reset with 0.

– fix that ‘GO’ sign



It’s done !

First off, apologies for the music, that took uncomfortably too long. Even though I learned a lot with music theory and such the end result probably doesn’t reflect the time it took. I’ve scrapped it at least 16 times and it may not sound “right” but at least it doesn’t sound “wrong”.

Besides that, why yes, it is that game some of you may remember from back in 2013 ! And yes it’s just part 1 because if I don’t break it into 3 I’ll probably never finish it ! It’s very short though so don’t worry, I’ve speedrun it in 6 minutes but I estimate it’ll be 20 mins on first try. Depending on how good you are at puzzle platformers though the last stage may be very easy or very hard (that probably didn’t help much, ahaha)


The Dead Mother Cliche: A Counter Argument

A few days ago, the Cartoon Brew made a post about one of the cliches of animation, the dead mother cliche to be exact, which brought me over to the original article by the Atlantic. To summarize, they made the observation that a large amount of children’s movies started off, or somewhere in the middle, killed off the mother of the protagonist (or a significant character who is also a mother). I do agree with this. There has been quite a lot of movies over the last few decades or even longer with the same plot point and I’m sure it has not gone unnoticed by many others too. But both of them in the end closed with the acknowledgement that it was an intentional decision with the intent of portraying mothers as less or no importance while glorifying fathers, and it is this statement which I have to strongly disagree with. It is true that writers could handle this better, but I’m here to argue that the mothers are just as important if not more than the fathers. And that is why they chose to kill them off.
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Ok, I’m going to have to call this one finished for now, I’ve been working on it a bit too long ! You may run into a few anomalies but it’s working for the most part. I haven’t thoroughly tested it but if you run into any glitches that looks significant pop me a comment about it :3