The Magician’s Cat

A love story between two cats. A graduate film in the University of Wolverhampton.
The animation is made primarily in Toonboom, Artrage and Premiere Pro, with a bit of Maya.
Music is made with a Yamaha NP-31 and composed in Garageband.

The short won a couple of local university awards, was featured on a “Shorts on Walls” event, “Encounters Festival”, and “Prime Cuts” in London.

The Cavemen

The children’s TV channel CITV in UK has offered us the chance to create indents for their channel. This was made frame by frame in Artrage and composited in Flash CS5.

The Cavemen was approved for broadcast for CITV and was also screened at ‘Shorts on Walls’ on 16th March 2012.

shorts on walls


I was asked to make an advert and apparently this is what I came up with. It doesn’t have to be serious or anything, it was mainly for an After Effects Class.
(Soft music – Dance in G Major by Brandon Abley)