Halfway while working on the game I realised I was doing the whole thing wrong. Most of the good flash games nowadays use a script library as a base for their mechanics and the code is not written directly in flash anymore. Plus I’m using actionscript2, a 6 year old language. Even relatively it is pretty old.

This game is somewhat complete but is buggy at best. Mostly because I use workarounds instead of real fixes. The stages are also pretty short, but it’s still open for extra stages if anyone else have any ideas they want to add.

So now I’m seeing if I can learn how to use flixel or flashpunk, then I’ll continue with the initial main idea for the game which is Almond Ravani.

Slight Update:
There was a bit of an internal debate as to how I should peruse making games in the future and I have made the decision to work with HTML5 instead of action script. The decision came mainly from the thought that action script has advanced years ahead of me and it will take a while to catch up while HTML5 is pretty new and should be easy to keep up to date.

Play Crate 1.03

Crate (early)

crate early

Pudu Kamudu was a good basis for a platforming game and I wanted to make another game better than that. In this game I wanted to experiment with multiple players, although still being a single player game. This meant a switching system between the characters. Attacking varieties and puzzle elements are also up for consideration.

A few months down the line however, I’ve only made a minigame of the game. Below is a one stage preview of said mini game.

Try out Crate 0.4

2010 10 26 groupshot1

2010 10 27 groupshot2

Pudu Kamudu

pudu kamudu

It’s about the world’s smallest deer, a South American Chillian Pudu. Not to be confused with the district in KL. This tenacious little deer has to traverse the forest on an adventure.

This was probably the first platforming game I made in Flash. A simple mario style mechanics with a bit of item collecting.

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Pet Adventure

pet adventure

After messing around with action script for a while, I wanted to make another game. This borrows heavily from Hero and Goblin in that it is still numerical values based like an RPG but now there are a bit of action elements and interactivity to it with the jobs utilising both the keyboard and the mouse.

Play Pet Adventure 1