Pudu Kamudu 2

pudu kamudu

I have recently discovered a nice HTML5 engine called Impactjs and this is a simple game I’ve made out of it.

Similar to the first Pudu Kamudu, it is a mario style platforming game with a bit of item collecting. But now there’s a bit of a goal which is Pudu has to traverse the jungle in order to attain the cheesecake. Also like the first game, this game is made as a practice to get familiar with the language.

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Pudu Kamudu

pudu kamudu

It’s about the world’s smallest deer, a South American Chillian Pudu. Not to be confused with the district in KL. This tenacious little deer has to traverse the forest on an adventure.

This was probably the first platforming game I made in Flash. A simple mario style mechanics with a bit of item collecting.

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