This is the final short film our group did during our time in The One Academy. Made with Autodesk Maya, Premiere Pro and After Effects with a bit of Photoshop. Group members include:

Benjamin Cheong
Estrella Low
Jared Rimos
Lydia See
Nicholas Quek
Les Harper kindly provided the music

Bunneh (development)

Our story is about Bunneh who was sent out to research on the sudden aggression of monsters in a certain area. Bunneh was a researcher and inventor. He was well recognised for his achievements for his colony. He was the creator of the Bunny Tech which includes “Botbot” and many other different inventions.

In a mining area nearby, there was news of a sudden aggression from the monsters in that area causing a train to be wrecked. Bunneh was then sent out to reasearch and find out the reason for this sudden change of behaviour. When he goes there, he sets up his own home and starts his research, studying the monsters behaviour.

One day, he realized his radar was spoiled by some of the monsters there. This radar helps him track the monsters whereabouts. He plans to get it fixed, so he goes to his storeroom only to realize that he is missing one important component that is essential in the construction of the radar. Therefore, he decides that he has to venture out and get that missing part. He ten gets on to his “Botbot” and goes out in search for this particular item.

And thus his adventure begins. What will happen to Bunneh? Tune in next time on “Bunneh Funneh Hunneh 2001” only on Channel Bunneh9. Viewer discretion is advised.

~ Summary by Ben